Personalities at Work

Increasing your awareness of your personality preference and the impact, this can have on your own choices and the way we interact with others is a powerful skill in the workplace today. As a foundation for understanding emotional intelligence, to be able to appreciate and understand the diversity of your colleagues, subordinates and customers, and to provide you with a framework in which you can use to manage your relationships with other people more effectively, this course will enhance the way you interact with others.

These are skills for life, not just work.


Your Personality Workshops

How do you impact on your work environment and those around you, and why do they annoy you so much?

Have you ever wondered what your personality style is? Have you worked with people who just 'rubbed' you the wrong way and you couldn't say why?

This is the chance for you to finally answer those nagging questions.

Albrighton Consulting runs informative and fun workshops on 'Your Personality at Work'. During the Workshop you will receive a personal report from one of Australia's leading psychometric online systems, Genesys, using their famous JTI personality profile test. These tests are completed before the workshop, online, so when you register, you need to have a valid email address available to receive the test invitation.

Workshop Topics

  • What is 'personality.'
  • Validity of psychometrics
  • What is a 'type.'
  • Your Jung Type Indicator
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Belbins Team Styles
  • Working with monsters
  • Work-life balance

We also explain the 16 different 'types' that people can fall into and the many combinations that can also occur. Hear how your dominant styles may sometimes clash with others and how to overcome these common communication issues, learn more about the people you work with and those close to you. Have some fun identifying your characteristics and take home the report that will give you ideas on where and what to work on next if you wish to.

If you would like more information, to book into a 'Your Personality at Work' Workshop or to hold one at your workplace contact us today.