Corporate Leadership Programs

In today's highly competitive business environment, just managing your business simply isn't enough. Any business intent on success needs strong and dynamic leadership. The right leader can have a direct influence on staff morale, productivity and ultimately the bottom line. So what are you doing to foster leadership in your organisation?

Corporate Training Programs are designed to assist organisations to meet the challenge of developing and securing leadership talent. The program utilises a range of innovative learning techniques to prepare the business leaders of tomorrow. These include the use of psychometrics, residential, accredited learning programs and coaching, online learning and face to face workshops.

We specialise in contextualising these to your organisation. Many of our clients are thrilled at the way we can be flexible and accommodating to their unique business needs. No matter what the topic, Albrighton Consulting has a solution to the problem. It might be a one day workshop, online seminar series or a small team solution. Whatever your requirement, we will work with you to find the best fit for your organisation.

Some topics may include:

  •     Performance Management
  •     Strategy
  •     Diversity
  •     Managing Finances
  •     Customer Care
  •     Managing Upward
  •     Crisis Management
  •     Persuading others
  •     Business plan
  •     Business case development 
  •     Managing and Motivating Teams
  •     Project  and Risk Management
  •     Leadership and Leading versus Managing