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Have you ever had a bad experience when shopping or know someone who has? Chances are you have said yes to this question, but what about inside your organisation or business? Have you contacted another department, sent an email or had a phone conversation that has not gone well?

Then like most people, you have experienced poor customer service!

Customer Concepts is a new program from Albrighton Consulting that addresses the needs and challenges of providing excellent customer service in the 21st century. Technology has created its own challenges in buying online, email etiquette, dealing with conflict in the online shopping community and culture. Business today craves a service culture, but many companies and organisations, struggle to build it or maintain it in the long term.
Customer Concepts solves this challenge in four ways. These highly interactive courses involve psychometric profiles, group work activities and discussions, multimedia presentations, role plays and knowledge transfer. Each course runs for approximately 4 hours, so you can easily run our foundation course in the morning and a specialised program in the afternoon.

Customer Concepts breaks down into 4 programs with the foundation skills as the basis. The specialist courses can be integrated with the foundation program which is required as the starting point to meet the quality registration process.

  • Foundation Skills

  • The Internal Customer

  • The External Customer

  • The Online Customer