BSBWOR401A Establish effective workplace relationships

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Assessment Information

To undertake the assessment for this unit, you will need to supply the assessment criteria as stated in the assessment document. This is provided in this site under Assessment Requirements. All assessments require an Assessment Cover Sheet to be attached and a copy to be held by the student. Please be aware that Albrighton Consulting takes no responsibility for any documents lost in the post. Where possible, scan and email, or save electronic copies of all your assessment documents.

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BSBWOR401A Establish effective workplace relationships

Resource Materials

Establish Effective Workplace Relationships Workbook, Albrighton Consulting

For further reading on Effecitve Workplace Relationships refer to MGMT Asia-Pacific 2010/2012 edition, Part 3 and 4

Assessment Requirements

The assessment requirements for this unit are as follows.

After completing the associated reading, please answer the following questions. Answers should reflect your own work environment or an organisation you are familiar with. Answers are to be set out in paragraph format with page numbers, 12pt Arial and should be of a length to display your understanding of the topic. Be aware that copying answers straight from the text is an act of plagiarism and will not be accepted. (please see your student manual for explanation of plagiarism). When you have completed these questions email them to your administration contact along with your signed assessment cover sheet.

Each part of this assignment requires a blend of thought and information from each of the sections in the workbook Establish Effective Workplace Relationships.

Please complete all three sections - Parts A, B, and C, to fulfil the assessment requirements for this unit.

Part A

Short Answer Questions

Work with your Manager to clarify your ideas, then complete the following:

(a) How can a Leader / Manager develop trust and confidence in his or her Staff / Employees?

(b) What can a Leader / Manager do to demonstrate competence in his or her own performance?

(c) You have recruited a new employee who is very eager to succeed, but hasn’t worked in your industry previously. What primary leadership style will you use? (Circle)

  1. Give the person lots of direction and tell him or her what to do  
  2. Delegate immediately – (after all, he or she did get the job)
  3. Tell the person to go for it, but to see you if there are any problems
  4. Involve the person in discussion but you make final decisions

Give reasons for your response

(d) You have an employee who has been with you for a long time. She is very skilled and confident in her work. What primary leadership style will you use? (Circle)

  1. Give the person lots of direction and-tell him or her what to do
  2. Delegate immediately
  3. Tell the person to go for it, but to see you if there are any problems
  4. Involve the person in discussion but you make final decisions

Give reasons for your response.

Part B

How healthy is your organisation’s management system?

(a) What documentation should be in place, communicated and implemented to give employees, customers and suppliers confidence that the organisation knows where it is going?

(b) What documentation should be in place, communicated and implemented to give employees necessary information about what is expected of them at work and how they can expect to be treated?  Does the communication strategy take into account the cultural and social diversity of the group?  If so, how?  If not, what needs to be done to improve communication? 

(c) Work with your Manager to identify and list the documents in your organisation that give people guidance about:

  • The direction in which the organisation is going

  • Legislative, standards and other requirements

  • Priorities of the organisation

  • Role and job expectations

  • Communication and consultation processes

  • Decision making processes

  • Job requirements

  • Performance management

  • What customers and suppliers can expect from the organisation

Part C

At Your Organisation:

(a) Summarise the things you believe leader/managers have to do and have in place in order for effective workgroup relationships to be developed and maintained.

(b) Identify a list of criteria you would use to measure the effectiveness of your workgroup relationships.

(c) Design a “Workgroup Relationships Effectiveness” questionnaire.

(d) Complete the questionnaire with your workgroup.

(e) Identify areas that need improvement in order of priority.

(f)  In conjunction with your Manager, design an improvement action plan for TWO priorities that show:

  • Desired outcomes of the improvement initiative
  • Your goals
  • The steps you will take to achieve those goals
  • The strategies you will use to implement the steps
  • Responsibilities – who will do what?
  • Timeline for each step
  • Resources you will need
  • Monitoring and effectiveness measurement strategies for each step
  • Review methods, responsibilities and timelines.

Remember to include reasons for why you are doing things the way you are suggesting.

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