BSBRSK501B Manage risk

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Assessment Information

To undertake the assessment for this unit, you will need to supply the assessment criteria as stated in the assessment document. This is provided in this site under Assessment Requirements. All assessments require an Assessment Cover Sheet to be attached and a copy to be held by the student. Please be aware that Albrighton Consulting takes no responsibility for any documents lost in the post. Where possible, scan and email, or save electronic copies of all your assessment documents.

You can also down load the Assessment and RPL Tool should you choose to apply for RPL, and when you submit your assessment or RPL application, you will require a cover sheet to sign and identify the documents origin. This can be downloaded here also.

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BSBRSK501B Manage risk

Resource Materials

Assessment Requirements

The assessment requirements for this unit are as follows.

If you are completing this unit as part of your workplace project, your risk assessment that you will have completed for your project charter will serve as your risk assessment here. Your management of the associated risks will count towards your assessment for this Unit Manage Risk.

In addition to this work, you will be required to answer the following questions.

After reading the online book on risk management, answer the following questions in relation to the organisation you are currently working in or an organisation you are familiar with. Answers should reflect your own work environment or an organisation you are familiar with. Answers are to be set out in paragraph format with page numbers, 12pt Arial and should be of a length to display your understanding of the topic. Be aware that copying answers straight from the text is an act of plagiarism and will not be accepted. (please see your student manual for explanation of plagiarism). When you have completed these questions email them to your administration contact along with your signed assessment cover sheet.

Question 1

What is the framework for managing risk described in the Standard?

Question 2

Why is it important to establish the risk context?

Question 3

What does your organisations Strategic Plan tell you about risk context and legislative requirements?

Question 4

How does your organisation’s Risk Management Manual or Guidelines address  potential risks?  What are the risks they have identified?

Question 5

What Risk Matrix does your organisation use?  What are the unacceptable risks identified?  What risks are managed to the ALARP level?

Question 6

What processes does your organisation use to monitor the external and internal environments?

Question 7

What resources does your organisation put toward risk management?

Assessment requirements for stand alone unit

If you are not completing this unit as part of a workplace project, you will be required to complete a risk assessment.

Identify a potential or actual risk in your work area.  Apply the steps as described in your online book to the risk. Document all your processes and any problems that you meet.

(You will need to discuss this with your manager.  If there is not an undressed risk, go through the risk management process using a current risk, and then compare your responses)


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