BSBINN301A Promote innovation in a team environment

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Assessment Information

To undertake the assessment for this unit, you will need to supply the assessment criteria as stated in the assessment document. This is provided in this site under Assessment Requirements. All assessments require an Assessment Cover Sheet to be attached and a copy to be held by the student. Please be aware that Albrighton Consulting takes no responsibility for any documents lost in the post. Where possible, scan and email, or save electronic copies of all your assessment documents.

You can also down load the Assessment and RPL Tool should you choose to apply for RPL, and when you submit your assessment or RPL application, you will require a cover sheet to sign and identify the documents origin. This can be downloaded here also.

Assessment and RPL Tools

BSBINN301A Promote Innovation in a Team Environment

Resource Materials

Promote Innovation in a Team Environment Workbook

MGMT, Asia-Pacific Edition

Assessment Requirements

The assessment requirements for this unit are as follows.

Utilising the workbook, Promote Innovation in a Team Environment, please answer the following questions in relation to your own work environment. Answers should reflect your own understanding, information from the workbook and your own investigation and research. When you have completed these questions email them to your administration contact along with your signed assessment cover sheet.

Questions 1


If you are currently employed, do a SWOT analysis to consider the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation, department or unit and identify the opportunities and threats that may influence how it might respond to changes.

What are some examples of what you believe would be internal drivers of change and external drivers of change?

Question 2


Identify one risk associated with the ValleyView strategy of setting up a multimedia branch office.

Discuss the options for managing this risk.

Identify the options you would select as having the most effective outcomes and benefits and include reasons for your selection.

Question 3


Talk with your colleagues or manager and think of a product, service or process innovation that has added value to a product or service purchased by you or your organisation in recent years.

In your view, what made the change innovative?

Question 4


How is networking important to innovation?

What areas can you collaborate in with your work team?

Give an example of an idea you have recently collaborated on with either your team, your  peers or a professional body?

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